Considering Security Fencing? 3 Overlooked Yet Important Factors to Consider Beforehand

Typically, when homeowners are considering security fencing, they tend to contemplate how to keep burglars and other opportunistic intruders from breaching their premises. This is well and good. However, keep in mind that security fencing can also work towards keeping people and pets in. This would be especially prudent if you have small children who have the propensity to try to wander off on their own. So what are some of the considerations that you should have when contemplating the installation of new security fencing?

Local council regulations

A common misconception that people may have is that the process of installing a fence is simply deciding on the design and hiring fencing contractors. The reality is there are a number of things that you would have to clear beforehand. Before you can choose to erect a fence on your property, the first thing to do would be to establish whether your local council has stipulated any requirements regarding fencing. In some instances, you may find that you will need to get a permit beforehand.

The second thing that you should do is to determine your property line. Some homeowners may take this for granted and end up encroaching on their neighbours' land. It should be noted that even a slight encroachment could lead to the demolishing of your entire fence. Therefore, it would be best to determine this before the fence installation is underway.

Privacy requirements

When many people think of security fencing, they tend to assume that they are all designed to make your premises look like a fortress. This is not the truth, though. There is an assortment of designs that you could choose from when it comes to security fencing. This will give you the chance to determine whether you would like the fence to provide you with additional privacy or not. If privacy is one of your main concerns, then you may want to consider steel cladding as your choice of fencing as this will not let any passersby see into your property. On the other hand, if you would like unobstructed views of your property, then you could choose poles such as those used in wrought-iron fencing.

Burrowing animals

If you have a pet or live in an area that is prone to animals that burrow beneath your fencing, then you would have to consider how to eradicate this behaviour. One surefire way to do this would be to instruct your fencing contractors to install the fencing much deeper in the ground rather than at ground level. You may also want to ensure that the below-ground fencing is fortified with some cyclone fencing or wire mesh.