The Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing in Windy Gardens

If you don't have much shelter in your garden and you live in a windy area, then you may not enjoy your pool as much as you could. Even on sunny days, the wind may be so cold and uncomfortable that you don't want to spend time around your pool.

Plus, if the wind blows a lot of leaves and debris into your pool and the area around it, then you'll get tired of having to clean things up all the time. Again, this prevents a pool from being much fun. If you have these problems, then installing a glass pool fence may help. How?

The Wind Break Effect

Unlike metal pool fences that have gaps between railings that let wind in, glass fences form a solid barrier. It may get pretty windy in the rest of your garden, but once you're sitting in a lounger by your pool, a glass pool fence will keep the wind out.

A glass fence helps you create a warm little sun haven, even on blustery days. This could extend the time you're able to use your pool in the summer, so you can make the most of your investment. Your kids will also be happier playing in and around the pool, as they'll be protected from the wind.

The Cleaning Effect

Even if it's warm enough to keep using your pool in autumn, regular pool fences may make this harder for you. If your garden has some trees in or around it, then you may have a running battle with leaves that get blown around on windy days.

A pool fence with railings simply lets the leaves into your pool area and into the pool itself. If you have to clean leaves out before you can have a swim, then you may decide it's not worth it. You may even just give up and winterise your pool early when you could have used it for a little longer.

Glass pool fencing also helps deal with leaves that blow towards your pool. While these fences may not catch every leaf that blows around, they'll keep out leaves that are blown against them. If your fences go right down to the ground, then you may even find that leaves collect in nice bundles against the fence, making them easier to collect.  

As well as giving you some useful wind protection, glass pool fencing also has other benefits. To learn more, contact your pool fence contractor.