The Pros and Cons of Using Colorbond Steel for your Fence

Colorbond steel is a pre-painted steel material used to make fencing and roofing solutions. Just like most products, Colorbond steel has its strengths and weaknesses. If you intend to buy the Colorbond steel to provide fencing for your residential or commercial property, it is essential to be aware of the pros and cons associated with the Colorbond fencing. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

The pros of Colorbond fencing

  1. Colorbond steel is known for its strength and quality. Steel is a solid and resilient building material. 
  2. Fencing made from Colorbond is durable. This is not only due to the strength of the steel, but also the coating. The fencing from steel is not susceptible to problems that other fencing materials incur such as an attack by termites or rust. The coating of Colorbond steel ensures that the colour lasts a long time, therefore minimising the chances of repainting.
  3. There are many colour options that you will choose from when you select Colorbond fencing. This ensures that the fence will meet the colour scheme of your home or commercial structure. The variety of colours also ensures beauty and adds aesthetic value to your property.
  4. There is increased privacy and security. Because the Colorbond fences do not have vertical gaps, there is little chance for people to keep peeping into your property; therefore, you will enjoy privacy. Moreover, their lack of footholds and handholds enhances the security of your property.
  5. Colorbond fences are easy to maintain since you will be required to wash or wipe it when dirt or soil accumulates regularly.

The Cons of Colorbond fencing

  1. The main disadvantage associated with choosing Colorbond fencing is the price. Fencing made from Colorbond steel will cost you a lot of money compared to what it would cost you to use other fencing materials and solutions. Moreover, if you intend to have your fencing to be customised to incorporate additional features that are not included in the standard fencing, you will be required to part with a lot of money. Notably, the expense is not only associated with the buying but also the installation. However, as much as the initial price is very high, the long-term cost might be cheaper compared to other fencing solutions.

To make the right decision whether you or not to use Colorbond fencing for your property, weigh the advantages against the disadvantages so that you may make a more informed decision.