Caring for Glass Pool Fencing Is Easier Than You Think

When you choose to install glass pool fencing, you're adding an aesthetically-pleasing feature to your home's exterior. However, it will only remain attractive if you pay it the right amount of attention. Fortunately, this type of pool fencing may prove easier to clean than you think.

Address bird droppings immediately 

As bird faeces are acidic, some people worry whether it will cause damage to their glass. Providing you clean it immediately without giving the contents too many opportunities to settle in, it shouldn't become problematic. If you catch the faeces before it has a chance to try, remove it gently using a damp sponge. Bird faeces that harden have the potential to scratch glass when you take an overly rigorous approach to removing them. Instead, soak them with a damp and warm sponge to soften it, then remove gently.

Hose the glass down and dry it yourself

You won't need to clean your glass pool fence too often. Consider performing a deep clean every three months. Start by using a hose and aiming it at the glass in downward swoops to dislodge dust and anything else that gathers there. Don't leave it to dry in the sun alone, as this may result in streaks that are difficult to remove. Instead, use microfiber cloths and move them in a single direction to reduce the risk of streaking and deliver a uniform appearance. 

Opt for commercial glass cleaner or washing up liquid

The next stage of cleaning your pool fencing is to apply an appropriate glass cleaner. Finding a commercial glass cleaner is easy, making it the simplest option for your glass pool fencing cleaning routine. If you prefer to use natural cleaning products, mixing vinegar with warm water on a 1:3 ratio delivers great results. You may also find that using everyday washing up liquid proves useful, especially if the other two items aren't to hand.  To use any of these cleaners as a part of your routine, apply thin layers and buff them away using kitchen roll.

To reduce the risk of scratches, avoid using rough sponges or baking soda when cleaning glass. While you won't notice the damage initially, it can build over time and make it less clear. In addition to reducing its appeal, scratches can make it difficult to clearly see what's happening in your pool. With regular cleaning efforts, you can enhance the way it looks and enjoy your installation for longer.