Things to Know When Choosing Chain Wire Fencing

Fencing is used for many purposes from personal yards to professional structures. The common reason fences are installed is security or protection. Whether you are trying to keep people out or keep a tennis ball in, chain wire fencing is a good choice. As with any project or improvement, there are many factors to consider. Here are a few things to know when choosing chain wire fencing.


Chain wire fencing comes in many different styles. You will need to decide on the material first, whether you want either galvanized or coated steel. This is dependent on personal preference. The next choice is the width and height of the diamond. This is the part that makes the holes in the fence. Depending on where you purchase your chain wire fencing your choices will vary. Most times there is a multitude of choices. The size of the diamond is going to depend on the use of the chain wire fencing.

For small animals, a small diamond is going to be best. In this case, chain wire mesh may be preferred. Finally, you will choose whether you want barbed wire or folded knuckle on the top of the chain wire fencing. Barbed wire is a security measure that deters intruders and animals. The tips are pointed and can cause damage or pain to intruders. Folded knuckles are where the tips have been folded together. They leave a rounded edge that is easier to touch. Again, this decision will depend on the use of the chain wire fencing.


The next thing you will need to think about in buying your chain wire fencing is the extras you will need. You will need posts to attach the chain wire fencing. Posts need to be spaced according to the length of your area. There are different types of posts for different purposes. These include end posts, corner posts and middle posts. They will need to be connected with a top rail or post for support. You will also need to consider what kind of gate you will add to your chain wire fencing. With this decision comes more posts and extras which are dependent on the type of gate.

Calling in a Professional

Chain wire fencing is not a hard thing to install. The number of decisions to be made can become overwhelming though. A fencing contractor can help you with these decisions and the installation. They can take all of the guesswork out of your chain wire fencing. Professionals will know what style and extras are better for your needs. If you are unsure or use improper materials, you will have to start over. This can be costly and inconvenient. Sometimes it is better to call a professional just to be sure.