A Guide to Fencing Options for Your Property

Fencing is an important feature of any property. Fencing can offer security, privacy and an aesthetically pleasing environment. Fence contractors can be hired to install your fence. They can also fit an automatic gate.

Types of fencing available

There are various types of fencing that can be installed, depending on the use and appearance that you require. Fences can be made from timber, aluminium or steel. There are fences that slide or swing open. Automatic gates can be installed that open using different mechanisms, such as when a code is entered on a keypad.

Timber fencing

Timber is a popular fencing option. It is resistant to many environmental conditions, it is aesthetically pleasing and it provides a level of security. Timber includes different types of wood, including treated pine.

Timber fences require little maintenance which means that less carbon is used over their lifespan, making timber fencing an environmentally friendly option. Treated pine offers effective protection against termites, fungi and bores. Additionally, treated pine is long-lasting as it is less likely to decay over time. Furthermore, timber fencing provides a level of soundproofing from surrounding noise that may be created due to factors such as traffic.

Timber fencing is suitable for any property due to the variety of designs available. Timber fencing can be built to different heights, offering a great level of privacy and increased security. Timber is also more effective than other types of fencing at blocking heat from entering your property.

Steel fencing

Steel fencing is a budget-friendly option. It is durable against weather conditions and it is also available in different colours. There are different heights available to either offer privacy or a more open area. Additionally, steel fencing is resistant against termites and does not become rotten or warped.

Aluminium fencing

Aluminium fencing is typically used around pool areas. Aluminium fencing can also last for a long period and it is resistant against rust. There are two different designs of aluminium fencing that can be used: one where the top of the fence is level and another which features loops at the top. Aluminium fencing can also be used to surround gardens.

Automatic gates

Automatic gates can be used for both residential and commercial properties. They can slide open, swing open or roll open. They can be powered by electricity or solar power. Automatic gates are a great method of increasing security. They can be opened by methods such as a coded keypad, a push button mechanism or a phone operated device. Your local fence contractor can fit your automatic gate.