What You Should Know About Chain Wire Fencing

Chain wire fencing has a variety of uses. It can be fitted in residential and commercial areas, and it offers a number of benefits. Chain wire fencing can be made from galvanised steel or steel that has been coated in PVC.


Chain wire fencing is long-lasting. Galvanised steel is treated with zinc, which provides a waterproofing quality. Fencing with a plastic coating reduces the risk of rust. Additionally, the design of chain wire fencing means that it is very strong; this means that it can withstand weather effects, such as heavy wind caused by cyclones. This is due to the steel being tightly connected in a pattern which creates diamond shapes. If the posts are securely fitted, your chain wire fence can be very durable. Additionally, the steel material prevents pests from invading the fence and damaging it.


The cost of chain wire fencing depends on the level of thickness and the size of fencing that you require. Chain wire fencing is generally less expensive than other fencing options. You can purchase a short chain wire fence for pool areas, whereas tall chain wire fencing is typically used to surround areas such as schools and airports.


Chain wire fencing must adhere to various standards. This includes standards for security, zinc coatings, galvanised coatings, powder coatings and the structure of the steel. The standards that your chain wire fencing meets should be listed in its description.

Chain wire fencing for pools

There are laws concerning pool fencing. This is so that your pool area remains safe. The law that applies to your pool fencing will depend on when it was installed and approved.


Chain wire fencing can offer a degree of security, depending on the material used. However, stronger chain wire fencing can be expensive, which is why it is often used in the commercial sector, rather than the residential sector.

Support posts

Chain wire fencing can be attached to supports made from iron, timber or concrete. Iron posts should be painted with multiple coatings to reduce the risk of rust. The chain wire can be attached to the post with fittings. Timber posts are less expensive but their use is limited, as they cannot support the weight of heavy chain wire fencing. Concrete posts are long-lasting, as they tend to be fixed to the ground with concrete, and their structure is heavier than that of iron or timber posts.