Two reasons to buy or rent temporary fences for the ticketed outdoor event you are organising

If you are organising a ticketed outdoor event (such as a concert or a small festival), it's important to get one of your local fence contractors to place temporary fences around the perimeters of the area in which the event will take place, and in any areas where people will need to queue (such as at the food and drink stalls, for example). Read on to find out why.

To prevent those who do not have tickets from gaining entry to the event

It is extremely important to ensure that there is a temporary fence around the boundaries of the event area. The reason for this is as follows; without a fence, there is a very good chance that people who have not purchased tickets will try to sneak into the event without paying.

This could not cause overcrowding, which could, in turn, affect how enjoyable the event is for the people who paid to experience it (as it could result in longer queues for the portaloos and food stalls, create a stuffy, warm atmosphere and mean there would be fewer places to sit down).

This could be a problem if you had hoped to host similar events in the future, as word may spread that your event was unpleasantly overcrowded, and this could reduce the number of people who are willing to attend other events that you organise.

It could also be quite dangerous, as too many people stuffed into a space that is too small to contain them could increase the chances of someone falling over and being trampled on.

If one of the event-goers sustained injuries as a result of being crushed by the crowd, you could be held liable and the injured party could potentially sue for damages.

You can prevent all of these problems by arranging for a local fence contractor to place a sturdy temporary fence around the perimeters of the event area.

To encourage orderly queuing

If your event will have food and drink stalls, as well as portaloos, it is also worth asking the fence contractor to place temporary fences in these areas.

This will ensure that people line up to use the toilet facilities or to purchase food or drink from the stalls, in an orderly manner.

This, in turn, will reduce the likelihood of people bickering or even having full-blown arguments with one another about who is next in line for the toilets or the stalls.

Encouraging people to queue in an orderly fashion by placing temporary fences in the aforementioned areas will also minimise the risk of people pushing forward and accidentally causing someone in front of them to fall over and sustain an injury.