Customisation Alternatives For Your Glass Pool Fence

Glass pool fences allow the free flow of light so you can keep an eye on what's going on to ensure everyone is safe. When installing one of these types of barriers, you can adjust the framing and the glass to customise it to your space. 

Framing Alternatives

You've probably noticed that different glass fences have various degrees of metal framing around the panel edges. With posts interspersed between the glass sheets, semi-frameless models often use brackets to secure the glass and posts together. The posts are typically streamlined to preserve the sleek aspect of the fence. Usually, channels or other means also secure the glazing along the bottom edge. 

A frameless model, on the other hand, without upright posts breaking up the glass expanse, creates a more seamless impression. Typically, spigots, channels or other means secure the glass along the bottom edge instead. Minimal brackets might hold the glass panels to each other. The hardware is less visible overall, so it gives a greater sense of openness and space. 

Glazing Options: Frosted, Tinted And Low-Iron Glass

Standard toughened glass is not the only option you have when installing a pool fence; you can also use frosted or tinted glazing. For creating privacy around your pool, frosted glass is ideal, offering various levels of transparency. Acid etching or sandblasting techniques corrode one side of the sheet to create the cloudy satin surface. As well as providing privacy, these panels diffuse the light, eliminating glare to create a softer ambience. 

Tinted glass in grey, bronze, green or blue provides another dimension to a pool landscape. Create a contrasting accent to the blue pool tiles with a bronze glass fence. Alternatively, pull out a slate hue from some natural stone decking and repeat that within the glass. The tint will deepen in thicker glass panels, and this can reduce glare and create privacy as well. 

Instead of obscuring the glazing with frosting techniques or tints, you can go the other way and install an ultra-clear glass. Ordinary, clear, toughened glazing displays a slight green haze that results from the iron content within. Low-iron glass, however, is absolutely pure, and when used for a fence, will allow a clarified view through the glass. 

By selecting different framing models and types of glass, you can personalise the fence in various ways. Glass and metal combine perfectly to create a sleek, smooth aesthetic — no matter what framing or glazing you choose. 

For more information on glass fences, contact a fence contractor.