Benefits of Installing Aluminium Slat Fencing Around Your Home

While various fencing options are available for a front garden, not many offer the versatility of aluminium slat fencing designs. Several benefits are described below.

Privacy Options

Some fence types provide total privacy, such as solid brick or modular metal barriers. Others allow passersby to see clearly into your front garden: consider tubular metal or picket fences. Unfortunately, none of these styles easily enable you to customise the fencing to alter its privacy level. However, this is what you can achieve with aluminium slat fences which consist of a series of horizontal slats with rifts in between. You can choose how wide you want the slats to be and how closely you want them positioned. To create almost total privacy, you should fit broad slats with minimal gaps. Conversely, for a light, open fence, you should set narrow slats widely apart. In this way, you can adapt these fences to form a more secluded or open front garden.

Colour Options

The aluminium slats are powder-coated in various colours such as fawn, cream, charcoal and green. So you'll have no trouble blending the fence with your home and the surrounding environment. Reflect on the colour of the external walls, roofing and window trim when picking the fence hue. By echoing one of these shades, you can limit the overall colour palette to three variations to avoid a chaotic look. You'll also need to widen your gaze and notice the paving and natural landscape when deciding.

Low Maintenance

If you want to install fencing that you don't have to spend countless hours on upkeeping, then aluminium slat fencing is perfect. It won't necessitate regular sealing or repainting as timber does. The powder-coated paint layer hinders rust formation, and it doesn't tend to chip or flake off. Conversely, wrought iron and some other metals are prone to rust, which you'll have to treat. You may need to splash the fence with the garden hose now and then to remove dirt and debris if the rain doesn't do it for you.

Contains Pets and Children

Aluminium slat fences are typically constructed quite high, and you can seal the perimeter of your property by installing a secure matching gate. In addition, the slatted design doesn't offer wide gaps through which children and pets can squeeze, so your front garden will be a secure haven. Conversely, some picket and tubular metal styles don't form such impenetrable walls as they're not typically high enough, and they feature wider gaps in their design.