The Advantages of Aluminum Fencing Over its Competitors

One of the major decisions when building a home fence is what material to use. Should you turn to PVC, steel or timber, for example? Another possibility is aluminium. This metal has a range of advantages over its competitors. Read on to discover what these are.

Aluminium Versus Steel

Both aluminium and steel are tough metals that provide a sturdy barrier around a house. However, think about the conditions a fence has to bear. It has to stand up to the sun and, in particular, the rain all year round. An advantage that aluminium has over steel is that it naturally repels rust, so being outdoors in drizzly weather won't be a problem.

You won't have to deal with rust stains on an aluminium fence giving it a decayed appearance. On the other hand, steel can rust unless it's stainless steel, which is extra expensive. While most metal fences are powder-coated, which offers some protection, this covering is not foolproof.

Another advantage that aluminium has over steel is that it's lighter. Its lightweight nature will cut construction costs as the fence components will be easier to move and work with. Additionally, you won't struggle to manually open your driveway gate if it's made of aluminium.

Aluminium Versus Timber

Another material that can be used for a front fence is timber. However, one of the greatest threats to a house is termites, which devour and feast on wood. Thus, adding more timber to your property increases the danger. If termites infiltrate the fence, they could move on to your home and attack the structural timber beams. However, an aluminium fence doesn't carry the same threat level because termites don't feed on metal.

Another weakness of wooden fences is that they can rot, warp and decay if they're out in the rain for prolonged spells. Even though outdoor timber is treated, this does not make it totally immune to the ravages of moisture. But because aluminium naturally resists rust, it thrives in moist situations. Aluminium is often installed in coastal regions for this reason.

Aluminium Versus PVC

Another alternative fence material you may consider is PVC, shorthand for polyvinyl chloride. However, one of the drawbacks of PVC is that it can look plasticky. On the other hand, aluminium fencing has a rugged and raw feel to it, as if it belongs more in nature. This is not surprising as, even though this metal is manufactured, it uses minerals from the ground in its production. Aluminium can also seem more rustic when embossed with timber grain patterns. Vinyl can be similarly textured, but it can still retain a somewhat plastic look.

For more information about aluminium fencing, contact a local contractor.